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Subscription-based, monthly mastery classes, with casting director Nike Imoru, CSA
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Words of Wisdom...

I must remind myself that voice and speech, the soul and the mind, are not separate from the body, but originate from it, emanate through it. A Challenge for the Actor, Uta Hagen (1991)
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Words of Wisdom...

The more "sensitive" the more intensely we respond to the stimuli that induce in us everything from spiritual ecstasy to excruciating  pain. A Challenge for the Actor, Uta Hagen (1991)


Words of Wisdom ...

The true test of your artistry will rest on your selections (choices) as well the aliveness with which you execute the characters actions. A Challenge for the Actor, Uta Hagen (1991)

Audition Coaching Thursday 30th November, 6.30pm

Out of respect to the community, PLEASE let us know if 1) you do not wish to audition 2) you will not be in class to audition. DM 

In this order

1)Aaron Jin
2)Rachel Glass
3)Bruce Weech
4)Georgina Black
5)Shawn Brow
6)Brandie Sylfae
7)Barry Brathovde
8)Miki Murray

1)Dora Lanier   
2)Karen Brathovde 
3)Dedra Dakota 
4)Bonni Dichone
5)KC Oakley
6) Jaime Estrada
7) Tabatha Brooke
8) Jennifer Simmons

***READERS*** Readers are the backbone of the casting process. Email if you are no longer available. It happens, we understand.

Thank you.


Monthly 3 hour zoom class, live with Nike Imoru, CSA discussing industry topics of the day. The topic will be posted 1 week in advance to get actors an opportunity to 1) prepare the assignment or bring questions.


Monthly Words of Wisdom... or just some simple words of advice from a casting director. Video, podcast, blog post on acting and/or auditioning. Important tips, tools, techniques for actors.


We have a chat space for actors to connect critically, creatively, respectfully. In all creative endeavours, community goes hand-in-hand with mastery.


Classes, workshops intensives, CD updates, and other industry specific opportunities will be available to subscribers first. Mastery classes will be recorded and available to download.
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